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Our History

Light of Christ Media began as we wanted better-sounding audio for our sermons podcasts. We connected with His Productions and they suggested a radio-ready format. As a result, we were ready with programs when a spot opened at a local radio station. From that beginning we now are on 28 stations

We began in 2017 with a sermon format but switched to a conversational format in 2018. In 2019, a daily blog was added on the same weekly text as our podcast. 

During the pandemic, many friends were unable to attend worship services but could meet with friends at home or outside. In order to meet a need for fellowship, in 2020, a video format using the text of the week was developed and posted on YouTube. 

Our latest addition is an audio form of our blog. This podcast is between 3 and 4 minutes.

It is the desire of Light of Christ Media to provide a way for the average person to understand the Bible and to allow space for the Holy Spirit to speak through the story and impact lives.

We discovered the power of Biblical Storying at a conference and it was life-changing for us. We use this method as a way to develop disciples for Jesus and to help mature believers in the faith.